Julia Celina

Transformational Coaching, Inner Child Work, 
Intuitive Healer, Remote Energy Healing

Born in Munich, I have spent most of my early childhood in Nigeria / Africa, which shaped me very much and my love for travel, distant countries and cultures was born ...

My whole life I have always been in search of deeper knowledge, wisdom and insights and the mysteries of life. Early on I have always been very interested in deep psychological connections and all areas of spirituality. Another great interest was and still is any kind of alternative ways of healing of physical and psychological issues.


Amongst other things I have suffered from a severe skin disease( Eczema) since my early childhood until teenage years, which then, at the age of about 17 years , was miraculously healed by the positive effects of martial arts, that I was very passionate about.
Unfortunately it came back again many years later by virtue of stressful circumstances.
But that was the beginning of a part of my healing journey ...

Due to acute and severe inflammatory episodes of my skin I was in great distress at that time. Since neither conventional medicine, nor any other alternative healing methods has helped me and just fighting the symptoms with chemical drugs was not a permanent solution for me.
So I decided to take matters into my own hands and somehow try to heal myself.
At that time I did not know anything about remote energetic healing, self-healing, metaphysical healing or Quantum Physics and how our physical body, mind and emotions etc. are connected with each other.

Intuitively guided, I began to communicate with my body on a feeling level and with an open heart. I asked questions and when I immediately got intuitive answers, I understood why my body was manifesting this skin issue.

I began to understand that our body is always serving us, no matter how illogical and painful it may seem.
Behind every physical ailment there is an unresolved emotional cause first.
I felt deepest gratitude and love for the service of my body and the message it was trying to convey to me through this suffering and equally calling me to urgently change areas in my life.

I have been focussing on my healing and after a few weeks I was completely healed and my skin looked younger and healthier than ever before.

With this intuitively guided way I was also able to heal other physical ailments, for example various allergies, years of shoulder pain caused by a sports injury, other skin conditions, years of muscle pain and much more.

At that time I have experienced without comprehensive spiritual, metaphysical previous knowledge first hand and learned how healing processes and our self-healing powers can be activated. I discovered the power of the heart, our spirit and mind and the possibilities of energetic healing as well.
Space and time does not play a role here.

Later on I have learned in deep, meditative states , in a similar , intuitive way, how to dissolve, integrate and therefore heal many traumas from my past and childhood. (Through so-called intensive shadow work and inner child work).

Over the years I nevertheless completed additional education and training in this field, but I apply my own intuitively guided way or method with that I was able to help others as well.

What I offer:

By allowing ourselves to get back in touch with our repressed, painful emotions and to feel them consciously and understand their message , we transform them and can thus, piece by piece, become whole, heal and integrate our inner child again and likewise physical suffering can also find healing this way, as our body and soul no longer needs to alert us through the pain , which we can now finally let go.
Because the physical is only a mirror of our inner being.

I accompany you and gently guide you through your inner journey to reconnect with your emotions , your heart and your true inner self and help to resolve old painful emotions...